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Disclaimer: All the information provided by anyone, anywhere on this Service is provided solely for educational purposes without any suggestion, explicit or implied, that anyone ought to engage in any of the activities described. Its purpose is to assist you in making decisions in your own online marketing business by making you aware of what your competitors may be doing to gain a competitive edge. Any wording that suggests that an administrator, or anyone else, is personally acting in the manner described is always and fully intended to be taken metaphorically, referring to what we have uncovered in our research concerning the activities of others and not ourselves. In so far as any wording refers to the personal actions or intentions of the admins or anyone else posting on this service, it is a work of fiction and not a factual account. Just as there exists a genre of "science fiction" and "science fantasy", this is a new genre of "business fiction" and "business fantasy". For further clarification, the metaphorical use of the first person to report on our research is done for entertainment purposes, while the substance of the reports is intended to be educational. Wording such as "I did this . . ." is intended to be understood to mean, "In my research I have discovered that it is possible to do this . . ., though I have not done so personally." In addition, the use of the first person and past or present tense, when used, is always used as a convenience and not as an account of actual past or present behaviour. It is a common and acceptable way of speaking of something which the writer has not actually done. For example: "Here is how to commit suicide. First I make a noose. Then I tie the noose to a beam. Then I place a chair under the noose. Then I stand on the chair and put the noose tightly around my neck. Next I kick away the the chair and choke to death." Clearly this is a fairly common way of writing and does not imply that the writer has returned from the dead to describe what he has actually done." Therefore, from all the foregoing, it should be crystal clear that no one posting anything on this forum has actually done anything they describe, regardless of whether the wording used might, in other circumstances, imply that they have. It is either fiction or a convenient way of describing what they believe others have done, or both.

These terms may be changed at any time without notice.

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